My Photography

I have been taking a lot of photos in the recent past. Photos of my creations to post into my jewelry blog. At the same time experimenting and working on my photographic skills. As an amateur i have struggled a lot to get the desired image and look at times. In the process i have learnt quite a few lessons.

Remember these basic points while clicking jewelry pictures. Effort are minimal, results are good

  • search for an interesting background
  • sharp focus(more useful in closeup jewelry)
  • proper lighting(day light is preferred for a natural look)
  • drape the jewelry in different shapes
  • photograph the jewel in different angles
  • learn to use photoshop tools

Here are some of the interesting ones

Check out more here


Jnaneshwara said...

Good efforts and experiment,Nive..All the best for photography also along with Jewellary design

nanditha said...

The first two looks great.....

ARUNA said...

Hey this is a good one, for the obvious reason that being a girl i'm crazily in love with jewellery n other accessories!!!

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