Long Lost Childhood Games - Chuppa Chuppi / Hide-n-Seek / Ice Spies

Get ready for a nostalgic drive, for am taking you through the memory lanes of our childhood days. 

We all have plenty of fond memories attached to those bygone days. Apart from school, one major work we used to do as kids was play, play and play whether its indoor or outdoor. The  outdoor games have almost become extinct now, thanks to the busy and hectic lifestyle. And we hardly find any unoccupied plots or open grounds like earlier.

Here is a small attempt to revive those lost childhood games or traditional Indian games which we used to play and enjoy as kids. 

Next in the series is Hide and Seek or Chuppa Chuppi or Ice Spies (not sure how it is spelled, but we used to pronounce like this, or may be Eyes Spies/Ice Spice even.) It was one of the preferred game especially during power cuts. Hope you have checked the earlier ones Channe ManeKancha (Goli)Gilli Danda (Chinni Dandu), Spinning Top/LattuLagori (Pittu)

Long Lost Childhood Games - Hide and Seek / Chuppa Chuppi

Rules of the Game :

The rules of the game were almost same as present day. 
selecting one player by tossing palms in the air called "claps"
The team chooses one player who will close his/her eyes clasping his hands normally against a wall or a tree and counts upto 10 (if the player was young enough he was given to count upto 10, for all others it was always 100, which he would count in his fastest speed by fast forwarding and jumping few numbers in between ;))

[The process of choosing that one player (called the out-player) was by various means. We used to follow something like this with tossing the palms of all the players in air together. I think we used to call something like "Claps", yes!]

1. Ok, now when this player is counting the numbers in his own speed and correctness, others would hide in their favorite hiding places. 

2. After finishing counting he goes on a hunting spree and has to spot each player. He has to run back to the counting place as soon as he spots a player and touch the wall/tree saying Ice Spice so..and..so, the name of the player. So that player is 'out' now.

3. In the meanwhile, if you want to be saved from 'out'ing you could run and Ice spies yourself when the player is not around the Ice spies spot. 

4. The game continues till all the hidden players are spotted. For the next turn, the first player who got 'out' first will have to count and rest will hide. 

It was fun finding the scariest places to hide keep it a secret as your discovery. Though it used to be fun playing inside the house, it was always challenging as an outdoor game. 

Do you have any interesting experience with this game? Do share in the comments.
Tune in for more of these games.

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