How to Wear a Saree in Maharashtrian Style?

Hope you have seen the Different ways of Draping sarees post. So as promised I will be giving the detailed and step by step demonstration of each method in individual posts. Here is the method Maharashtrian style or Marathi style of wearing saree.
  1. Classic Indian Drape (Traditional Way)      
  2. Gujarati style
  3. Maharashtrian style
  4. Tamilian version
  5. Bengali style
  6. Mundu Neriyathum / Kerala style
  7. Coorgi Style
  8. Mumtaz style             Check out theTraditional Sarees of India
How to drape a saree in marathi style
Marathi style of wearing saree:
Traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree is worn without a petticoat and resembles a man's dhoti or wrapped pants at the bottom with the pallu covering the bust. Instead of usual 5-6 meters the Nauvari saree is 8-9 meters in length. It looks very trendy and feminine and the best part about this saree is that it is easy to carry off- even by those who have never worn saree before!

1. Tying the knot:  In place of petticoat, you can wear tight slacks.  Tuck the plain end of the saree and continue tucking till you take a complete turn from right to left. Tie a knot to secure the pleats.

2. Taking the Pallu (Anchal) : The pallu or the anchal which is the decorative end part of the saree is taken on the left shoulder, wrap it and bring it on the right shoulder. 

3. Making pleats : Start making pleats from the rest of the sari. Hold the pleats together firmly at the top and  wrap them into a bolster (a banana shaped structure where all the folds are firmly tucked in) using the initial layer. The video clearly explains this step

4. Making a Kachha (Dhoti) : Leave the folds or pleats in the front. Take the center most pleat in between the legs to the backside, make small border sized pleats and tuck it at the waist. 

5. Tying a konchha from the front : The portion of the saree near the feet is folded in a layer for tucking into the waist so that the beautiful border is seen in the front.

Want to learn a little bit of Marathi? A quick dictionary for you here.
Watch this step by step video for a clear understanding of wearing a Gajaki or Nauvari saree

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Nirmalatm said...

Nice post! I had never thought of draping saree in any other style. Would love to try Gujju,Bengali and Coorgi Style. Will try sometime. Looking forward for more of styles you mentioned.

Niv said...

Thanks Nirmala. Looking at other styles we sometimes wonder 'how can this style of wearing be comfortable to carry',but for them its a routine affair.its true other way round also. Its my small attempt to help those who would want to know and try wearing sarees of different regions. Keep tuned in. More styles on the way..

Anonymous said...

I m unable to watch this video... it's showing as a private video ...

Niv said...

Thanks for bringing to my notice. The owner of the video must have changed the viewer options. Will try to replace it.

Unknown said...

I am also unable to watch it.

Niv said...

The video has been restored!

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