Theme Party - Bollywood Night

Gear up for a fun filled, energetic and rocking party. Theme Bollywood Night calls for nothing less than that.  Movies, music, masti, dance, glamour, stars, hangama are all going to be part of the entertainment , thus making the night a special one. (You can even plan a theme of Classic 60's, where the entire set up and dressing would be in classic style of 60's and 70's)

A lot of preparations need to be done to make this theme party a grand and successful one. Let us check these things one by one.

Decoration: Glamorous, colorful and glittery are the synonyms for bollywood. The sizzling and glittering decor can turn a simple party hall into an extravagant movie set. Deck up the party hall with sparkling wall hangings, candles, flowers and rich and silky cushions. 

Bollywood Night Theme party ideas

Take the photos of actors and actresses and hang them in the form of shining stars. Cover the walls with the posters of latest and hit movies. Colorful and glittering fabric can be used in a creative drape to cover the walls, windows and ceiling and any empty space. Multi colored lights add up to the ambiance. 
The entrance and the venue can be decorated in any of the following way...

Bollywood Night Theme party Decoration IdeasBollywood Night Theme party Decoration Ideas - EntranceBollywood Night Theme party Decoration IdeasBollywood Night Theme party Decoration IdeasBollywood Night Theme party Decoration IdeasBollywood Night Theme party Decoration Ideas

Dress code : As the theme is Bollywood, each and every one is a star today. They can choose to come in any glamorous outfit. But giving a dress code brings the party alive. You can even ask the couples to come dressed as bollywood's hit pairs like Shahrukh Khan - Kajol, Aamir Khan - Juhi Chawla, Saif Ali Khan - Kareena, Madhuri Dikshit - Anil Kapoor and so on. Another fun way is they can wear masks of these stars as they enter and let other guests guess who they are in real. Once done, they can remove off their masks. This is one real exciting way to welcome your guests. 
Single males can choose the characters like Munna bhai - Circuit (Sanjay Dutt - Arshad Warsi from Munaabhai MBBS), Jai - Veeru (Amitabh - Dharmedra in Sholay) etc.

Bollywood Night Theme party ideas - Dress code

Games : Entertainment-Entertainment-Entertainment is the mantra for the evening. You can plan umpteen number of games to entertain the guests. 

Bollywood Night Theme party ideas - Dress code1. Bring in some variations in the usual Antakshari and Dumb Sharads. Instead of identification of movies, let the participant enact a song or a signature dance step of a famous song.
2. Mix two audio songs and play. The team identifying first wins the point.
3. Mute a scene from any popular movie and the ask the teams to come up with a funny dialogue instead
4. Give the English translation of the Hindi songs. Some examples are here
5. Give a crossword of movie names
6. I have created Bollywood based Tambola of movie names and songs which have numbers in them. You can ask for the access here
7. Fill in the blanks - Create a list of movies with missing letters
S_N_H I_ KI_G |  B_R_I  |  S_OL__  |  
8. Ask the audience to identify the Dialogues.(pick not so famous ones)
Identify the family tree of these stars - Parneeti Chopra, Varun Dhawan, Zayed Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt etc.
10. Blur the photos of film personalities and project it on the screen.
11. Ask the nicknames of some famous bollywood stars ( Govinda - Chi Chi, Hrithik Roshan - Duggu, Bipasha Basu - Bonnie, Priyanka - Piggy Chops/Mithu, Kareena Kapoor - Bebo, Ajay Devgan - Raju, Shilpa Shetty - Manya, Akshay Kumar - Akki, Sonam Kapoor - Giraffe)

Find the rest of the 50 games here

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riya said...

thanks a lot , u rock!!

Niv said...

Thanks Riya. Glad you liked this theme...

Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

Shruti said...

This helped me soooooo much to plan the farewell party in my school ;-) thank you!!!

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