It's Party Time! - Party Games for Individuals

Are you still in the party mode and looking for some interesting and mind boggling games? Today I have brought some amazing games which can be played by individuals that is not in groups. 
Ideally, you can distribute the printouts of these games and set a time. They have to identify the answers and write it down. They shouldn't take more than 8-10 minutes, (depending on the IQ of your guests. lol :))

1. Logomania : As the pictures say, the players have to identify the logos, symbols and signs. You get a lot of these in the internet. You can chose depending on the crowd like bunch of company logos, cars and bikes symbols, traffic signs for kids, fmcg products or some general symbols.

2. Guess the Song: I got it from one of the Facebook pages. It is really fun isn't it? You can form some more on the songs you want. Try these for yourself first (covering the answers of course!)

Guess the song game for parties1.hanste hanste kat jaaye raste
2. Kaate nahi katate ye din ye raat
4.unchi hai building lift teri band hai
5.raja ko rani se pyaar hogaya
6. chal chal chal mere haathi
8. Kitaebe bahut si padhi hongi tumne
9. mera joota hai japani
10.goli mar bheje mein...

Guess the popular dialogues in Symbols gameGuess the song in Symbols game

Couple of more games in symbols. Identify the popular dialogues and songs. Answers you will have to figure out ;)

3. Guess the Song:  One more similar song guessing game. This time with the words, yes the English translation of Bollywood songs!! 

  1. Love is chily, my Love ; complicated are the lanes of Love
  2. I was passing by, I was eating bhelpuri, what shall i do if you get chilly
  3. Chandu's uncle made Chandu's aunty to have spicy batter with silver spoon
  4. Taking a bath in the sea, you have become more salty
  5. One hot tea cup and somebody to serve it....

Find the answers here 

4. Game of Festivals : This would be an apt game for festivities theme. Rather than usual Holi, Diwali, Christmas and the likes, I have collected the names of few festivals which are celebrated in particular cities of India. Yes it is a good chance to check the knowledge and IQ of your guests too ;)

1. Tea Festival2. Elephanta Festival
3. Deccan Festival4. Barsana Holi
5. Rose Festival6. Hampi Festival
7. Surajkund craft Festival8. Barsana Holi
9. Karni Mata Festival 10. Yoga Festival
11. Hemis Festival12.Pulikkali Festival

For answers and for some more festivals you can of course search Google, else you can request here

5. Identify the Place : This is an interesting game, you will have fun, provided your Hindi is good. This is a guessing game of places.

Eg: Snake town- Nagpur
1. Snake town2. White Village
3. God's Door4. Yesterday's Cut
5. Face6. Victory Town
7. Rising Town8. If Lock
9. Fort10. Water road

Keep tuned in for more of individual games. As always you are most welcome to contribute your ideas!

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