How to Wear a Saree in Tamilian style?

Hope you have seen the Different ways of Draping sarees post. As promised I will be giving the detailed and step by step demonstration of each method in individual posts. Today it is Tamilian version or Madisar style of wearing a saree. 

  1. Classic Indian Drape (Traditional Way)      
  2. Gujarati style
  3. Maharashtrian style
  4. Tamilian version
  5. Bengali style
  6. Mundu Neriyathum / Kerala style
  7. Coorgi Style
  8. Mumtaz style             Check out the Traditional Sarees of India

How to drape a saree in Tamilian style
Wearing a Saree in Tamilian style
The saree is of 9 yard length also known as Madisar Iyer saree. You can wear slacks instead of petticoat inside.

Step1: Take one end of the saree and make around 10 small pleats. Keep the pleats as starting point and place them at the back from your left hand and wrap one complete  round from left to right and reach to left on the backside. Now the rest of the whole saree is onto your left.

Step2: Bring the saree to little front and tie a knot with the first layer. Tie the knot tightly.

Step3: Tie the loose end of the saree to your right and left as shown in the video.

Step4: Bring the rest of the saree to the backside from under your legs, tuck the saree at the back at the waist.

Step5: Bring around the saree to your left after tucking the shorter edge slightly on the right.

Step6: Wrap one complete round from waist to down and get the pallu on the right shoulder. Take the loose end and wrap it around the waist on the right.

The video is in Tamil, but you can understand the demonstration and the explanation given in English. Want to learn a little bit of Tamil? A quick dictionary for you here

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