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One Minute Games or OMG as they are called in a fun way are a must for any gathering - be it be kitty parties, kids' birthday parties, office outings, social evenings  or just when friends get together. They are not only quick to their name, you can bring in so many variations instantly in these OMGs. That's the beauty of these.

Here I have a list of One Minute Games. You might have heard many of them, played some of them and never imagined some of them. If you have any other games which are not here, pls do contribute to the list. You can ask for the complete access of the list below. 

  1. One who can say maximum number of children's nursery rhymes
  2. One who can make more number of paper planes in a minute 
  3. Placing currency coins(INR 1, 2 and 5) on the edge of the steel glass.
  4. 10-15 locked locks and keys, whoever unlocks max locks wins (for more challenge & confusion keep 5 extra keys).
  5. Small pieces of newspaper (or beans, eg. kidney beans) are sucked up with a straw from bowl A to bowl B. 
  6. With sieve placed upside down and covered with newspaper and scotch tape, maximum needles to be inserted in holes of sieve through newspaper.  Max upright needles wins.
  7. The person/group that tucks max straws in hair on their head wins - for females.
  8. Making maximum number of tiny ponies with rubber bands  - for males.
  9. Writing as many words with repeated letters in it( Ex: balloon, button, tattoo, cuckoo, bottle,etc)
  10. Correct pairing of footwear piled up of the guests
  11. With a bowl of popcorn, needle and long thread, the person/group making a lengthy garland out of popcorn
  12. Tying as many knots on a rope/ string.
  13. Filling the bucket with water by transferring from hand from one point to the other.
  14. Inflating max number of balloons.
  15. Threading the maximum number of needles in a minute
Rest of the games continued here

Keep tuned in for more games soon....

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