How to Drape a Saree in Mumtaz style?

Hope you have seen the Different ways of Draping sarees post. So as promised I will be giving the detailed and step by step demonstration of each method in individual posts. Here is the classic Mumtaz style of draping a saree. 

Other Saree Draping methods include :
  1. Classic Indian Drape (Traditional Way)      
  2. Gujarati style
  3. Maharashtrian style
  4. Tamilian version
  5. Bengali style
  6. Mundu Neriyathum       
  7. Coorgi Style
  8. Mumtaz style             Check out theTraditional Sarees of India
Wearing a Saree in Mumtaz style
How to wear a saree in Mumtaz styleThe Mumtaz style was popularized by the charming film star, Bollywood diva of yesteryear Mumtaz. This style of saree draping involves draping the saree tightly around your lower body several times to give it a narrow look that accentuates your figure. Though not a very comfortable saree draping style in terms of ease of walk, it truly is one timeless beauty. 

Step-by-step instructions to drape a saree in Mumtaz style

1. Tuck one end of the saree at the waist, complete one round from right side just like in all other saree draping styles
2. Make 2-3 pleats and tuck them at the center facing left.
3. Take rest of the saree towards left and bring it around in the front and tuck it 4-5 inch above the full length of the saree.
4. Repeat the process. i.e wrap one more time and tuck it 4-5 inch above the previous layer, so that you can now see three layers of borders (if it is a border saree).
5. Make small pleats from the left out portion and secure them at the left shoulder. Usually the pleats are very narrow revealing the midriff. (Alternately, you can also just gather the pallu and fling back)
6. Keep the length of the pallu just above the hip level for a perfect look.

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