Save Tiger!

At the start of 20th century India's wild lands were home to 40,000 and today the estimate is close to 1400. The major reason being poaching.
Many of the tigers have been lost due to Asia's demand for tiger bones, claws and skin The animal parts are used in traditional medicine.
Tigers have also died due to electric fencing, illegal logging and fighting among the few remaining males.
Three subspecies Bali, Javan, Caspian were extinct by 1980's.

It is time that we all stand together to protect our national animal because the day is not far when we would have to leave only posters and photographs as memories to our future generations.

Join NDTV's signature campaign here and support the battle against the decline of this endangered species.

What else can YOU do?
  • The more aware YOU are of the status of the tiger, more effectively you can help save it
  • Create awareness in your community by organizing an event to educate the public about the diminishing plight of tigers
  • join a signature campaign. The more people sign, the more impact a petition has
  • Organize events at your workplace, a poster or a slogan competition will be very effective
  • Educate your children
  • Collect or send donations to the tiger conservation Foundations and Organizations



Jnaneshwara said...

Good informative post,Nive. Its sad that we are not giving importance to our national animal Tiger.We all should work unitedly to save our Tiger.

ARUNA said...

Hi Niveditha, first of all thanq so much for visiting me, 2nd of all thanks a lot for spending time to see the other posts, am so glad ur search landed u up on my blog. I'm so glad u liked it, thanks a lot for your wonderful words....truly motivating!!! Having said that let me dig int blog.

kash said...

Would love to get more involved...Can you post some links to the Tiger Conservation society. Would like to get my son involved in it. He is a huge Tiger (not the golfer :-)) fan !

niveditha said...

Hi Kash, thanks for showing interest. If you could tell me where you reside, i will be able to give the info further.

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