Did You watch it?

It's a bird. It's a plane, It's Superman
No its not Superman......its the Celestial Beacon!!

I did watch it. But only a partial one. I know people at different geographies have witnessed
different levels and stages of the eclipse.

Whenever I watch a Solar Eclipse, my mind travels back in time to the First Eclipse I had witnessed. The memories are so vivid.

I was in 6th or 7th std. The "eclipse" thing was new to us then. We were quite excited and eager to see it. We had already started counting the days, as if it was for our birthday.
Teachers had left no points untold about the whole phenomenon and other details. Enough guidance and instructions were given about the "Dos and Don'ts" by them.

Specially designed glossy "eclipse sunglasses" were on sale at school which we had bought without fail. And finally the moment had come. It started getting dark slowly and slowly. We could hear the chirping of birds on their way back to nests assuming it was sunset.....

We were very busy trying to catch each glimpse with that one sunglass, turn by turn, (we could have used an x-ray sheet or a photo negative....but....excitement of watching sun through those sunglasses was something else!)

We got to witness the complete phenomenon. That was an ecstatic feeling. (The sun had suddenly become the center of attraction for the whole world that day)

Hey do you remember this Nandu, Aru, Jnani?


pranay said...

It's Awesome and Wonderful !!

nanditha tm said...

Yes ofcourse...! i remember it very well Nive.Really we were so excited and enjoyed it thoroughly...i remember even the lunar eclipse we had watched waiting latenight for it...

Jnaneshwara said...

Nice explanation & flashback Nive.Yes I do remeber special glass, x-ray..Although its a natural phenomenon, still there is some sort of fear among people in society.It may be having food at the time of eclipse etc..But nice to see few rational thinkers and buddhi jeevigalu are doing good job like marrying at the time of eclipse and having food outside in open space at the time of eclipse.

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