101 gift ideas for wedding

Your best friend is getting married and you want to gift him the best wishes and happiness in a unique way. The usual traditional and clich├ęd gifts are a passe' now. People are thinking out of the box to find innovative gifts to make the couple feel special on their special day.

Here is a list of 101 wedding gift ideas, listed in two parts

1. Sapling of a plant for a friend who has a green finger

2. A set of DVDs of top 10 hit movies

3. A collection of Audio CDs of his favorite singer/films

4. Sponsor their honeymoon trip

5. Personalized mug set/bags like this

6. Coffee Maker for a coffeeholic friend

7. Gift a membership for Aerobics for the couple

8. Get their Wedding Invitation in a beautiful frame and gift it

9. A handmade quilt with some of their photos on it

10. Personalized wedding album made especially for the couple

11. You can take up the complete responsibility of designing their wedding invitations (prior gift)

12. Gift some spending money tucked inside the guidebook of the place where they are honey mooning(if it does not look good giving the money directly)

13. Underwater Cameras are perfect for the extremely adventurous scuba divers

14. Perfumes have ruled the roost as perfect wedding gifts for the couple.

15. Creatively made Family Tree picture frame

16. Intricately carved Name Plate of the couple is apt for their new nest.

17. A Chess Set for a friend who loves the game

18. Yoga mats are a perfect gift for the couple who like to stay fit

19. Relaxing Spa packages for the two, they will remember you forever for this unique gift

20. A Sports freak friend would really appreciate for a trekking gear as gift

21. Wish the newlywed Couple with a basketful of beautiful Fresh Flowers and let them know how much you care.

22. A large piece of painting to adorn the walls of their new house

23. Gift silver, Gold, platinum or Diamond jewelry and express your warmth in the most elegant way

24. You can also choose Designer jewelry for the lovely bride.

25. Choose a Designer outfit to complement her beauty and grace.

26. Pair of Love Birds for bird lovers

27. A cute Birdhouse if they already have birds.

28. Pair of stylish sunglasses

29. For a friend who loves reading books, gifting him/her a collection of his/her favorite author is a very good idea

30. MP3 player

31. Latest digital cameras for a gadget buff

32 Home Appliances can never be left out. A mixer/grinder can be of utility.

33. Get the gift personalized, check to see http://aweddinggiftidea.com/

34. Exquisite art work or handicrafts to decorate their love nest

35. Antique piece of Furniture6. Create a visitor’s entry of all those friends who attended the marriage on a plate with a special marker and create a visitor palette like this…

37. You can plan an expensive candlelit dinner at one of the posh restaurant for the lovely couple

38. Ipod

39. Surprises are the best gifts

40. A small silver//brass swing which can be used in pujas

41. Watches for the couple which comes as a set of two

42. Advanced Headphone

43. Make up kit for the beautiful bride

44. A Set of wide range of Cook books is surely of help for the new bride

45. Binoculars for nature friendly friend

46. A Bar Cabinet

47. Hair Dryer

48. If the couple is trekking freak, undoubtedly a tent would be a perfect choice

49. A stylish and comfy pair of gloves for a biker friend

50. A Laptop briefcase. ........to be continued

(Rest of the ideas in next post, watch out.....)


chitz said...

hey..good one..u surely gave me some ideas,to gift my cuz who is gettin married

niveditha said...

some more interesting ones coming in next post,do watch out :)

George said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.
from Gift Ideas.

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