The Terminal

Another superb performance from my favorite actor Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski form Krakhozhia.(i just loved his accent when he says this!)

He finds a job-makes new friends-play matchmaker-helps a stranger-discovers America.
Yes all these at the airport Terminal! This is the whole story in one line.

I discovered some interesting facts after watching the movie:

'The Terminal' set was a near-full-size replica built in a former hangar, with three working sets of escalators, and populated by many familiar stores (e.g. Burger King, Mrs. Fields, W.H. Smith). Many of the stores and restaurants were built by the construction crews that build actual mall and airport stores for the respective companies, and some had fully-functioning equipment (e.g. ovens, cash registers, etc).

The girl with the suitcase that Viktor tries to help is Steven Spielberg's daughter Sasha.

This is amazing one...
Although Viktor comes from the fictional country of Krakozhia, the language he speaks in the movie is Bulgarian! The written material shown (the Fodor's guide and the magazine page with the jazz greats) is in Russian! The label on the Planters peanuts can is neither in Bulgarian nor in Russian. Viktor's driving license is issued in Gomel, Republic of Belarus, and has a woman's name on it (written in Cyrillic)!!

If you still haven't watched it, do it today!

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Nirmala said...

Even I liked the way he speaks in this movie..Accent precisely..

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