chak de india!!

Chak de india!
What an inspiring title and matching story line.
a movie full of
josh makes the viewer to sit glued to the chair from start to end....

Well portrayed youth consisting of 16 girls who,its hard to deny the thought that they r not hockey players in real life.they together show that the hard work and struggle can really help to beat the odds.
Team work and team spirtit are very well woven into the story with small incidents.

These girls surely get successful in capturing the hearts of thousands.
My favorite,komal,the short little bold haryanvi girl,
perfect played coach shahrukh.
Hope after this movie like myself at least few people get interest in watching the game of hockey.

Apart from these when we look at the the movie as a whole,we feel that music element could have been still stronger.

Is it just a mere coincidence that we are winning hockey matches home and abroad that too with a good margin!!
go on..long live chak de......!


Kanchu said...

Chak De Nive

Susan said...

Nice Nive.I liked your blogs.Iam getting inspired by this.I am also thinking to start blogging.

nanditha tm said...

Nice Niveditha,even i liked the movie very much.

creativity said...

han dear it was realy nice movie ....i can watch this mov any no of time

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