How to drape a Saree in Coorgi Style?

Hope you have seen the Different ways of Draping sarees post. So as promised I will be giving the detailed and step by step demonstration of each method in individual posts. Here is the saree draping style in Coorgi style or Kodava style from Karnataka. 
Wearing a saree in Coorgi Style / Kodava / Kodagu Style

Saree draping in Coorgi (Karnataka) StyleThis method of saree draping is one of the unique ways compared to all other styles. It has been a part of Karnataka's rich culture since a very long time and has not changed a bit since its origin. The Kodava women find it very convenient and comfortable to move around in the hilly regions and to climb trees. In this Kodagu style the pleats are tucked at the back side unlike the other styles where the pleats come in the front. 

Step-by-step instructions to drape a saree in Coorgi style:

1. Start from the backside: Tuck the one end of the saree into the petticoat at the backside from your right hand. Bring rest of the saree from the front and complete the round from the left side.

2. Making the pleats : Start making 6-7 pleats like you do the regular saree and tuck the whole bunch at the backside. (Yes it is difficult to make make pleats keeping your hands at the back, so what you can do is, leave the part of the saree for one rotation and make clean pleats keeping the saree in the front like a regular saree, pin them up then tuck them backside)

3. Securing the end: After tucking the pleats, bring the rest of the saree from your right side to the front, go horizontal covering the torso, so that the distinct border is seen at the chest level. Continue to the back (under your left hand) and bring the pallu on the right shoulder from your back. Secure it with a brooch. 

Wearing a saree in Coorgin style or Kodagu style

Want to learn a little bit of Kannada? A quick dictionary for you here

[For those who are interested in knowing the mythological tale associated with this style of saree draping. There are many legends, but the most popular one is about the great sage Agasthya and his wife Cauvery. Cauvery marries him on the condition that, he would never leave her alone come what may. Once, apparently, Agasthya muni goes for a stroll without informing her. Greatly disappointed for breaking the promise Cauvery decides to leave him and flow as a river in order to serve the people of Kodagu. In spite of his pleas and requests she doesn't stop. Harsh winds blow as he tries to stop her from transforming into a river during which her saree pleats got pushed to the back.]

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