How to Wear a saree in Kerala Style / Mundu Neriyathum saree?

Hope you have seen the Different ways of Draping sarees post. So as promised I will be giving the detailed and step by step demonstration of each saree draping method in individual posts. Here is the method of wearing a saree in Kerala style or Mundum Neriyathum style

Other Saree Draping methods include :
  1. Classic Indian Drape (Traditional Way)      
  2. Gujarati style
  3. Maharashtrian style
  4. Tamilian version
  5. Bengali style
  6. Mundu Neriyathum       
  7. Coorgi Style
  8. Mumtaz style                                                     Check out the Traditional Sarees of India

Wearing a saree in Kerala Style / Mundu Neriyathum way

Wearing a Mundu Neriyathum style saree
Mundu Neriyathum is the signature style of Kerala, and is the traditional attire of women of Kerala. This style of saree draping compromises of a Mundu or the lower garment and an upper piece called Neriyathum. Mundu is wrapped around in the lower part and is securely tucked at the waist. The Neriyathum is draped in the upper part over the blouse. 

Mundu Neriyuthum is also called 'settu mundu' or 'set saree'.  The festive variant is called Kasavu munudu which has a golden color border or a broad zari border. 

Following are the step-by-step instructions for wearing this two-piece saree.

1. Mundu or the lower garment is wrapped around and secured at the waist. 
To start with insert one end of the garment into the petticoat (underskirt). Take the rest of the cloth from right hand side and bring it to the front. Make couple of pleates with the other end of the cloth, so that the vertical border is visible on the front side. Insert them at the waist.

Mundu & Neriyathu

2. Now take the Neriyathum or the upper garment and tuck one end of the cloth slightly to your left at the waist. Bring the cloth to right hand side from behind after covering your hips and diagonally put it onto the left shoulder covering the front torso, just a like normal saree. Let the loose end fall over your left shoulder. Make pleates and secure them with a pin on the left shoulder. 

Mundu Neriyathum in traditional style3. In traditional style Neriyathu is tucked inside the blouse, but in the modern style it is worn over the left shoulder. (as in the right pic.)

Want to learn a little bit of Malayalam? A quick dictionary for you here

The following video demonstrates the Mundu Neriyathum drape or Kerala style of wearing a saree.

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