Ayurveda- A solution to all Uterus problems

You must be wondering, why all of a sudden this topic. Yes, being the daughter of a genius, versatile Ayurvedic physician, I thought let me write about my father today.

One more reason I chose to write about this topic is, his recent successes in curing Uterine Prolapse cases of 3rd degree, that too without surgery. The patients who had lost all the hopes have finally found a silver lining. Read about this complete article as to how to avoid surgery using Lajjalu(Mimosa Pudica) in Ayurvedic approach here.

Diabetes Mellitus is his another area of expertise. He has worked extensively since 1969 on the research and development of a cure for this chronic disease. The result is the product Diabit Compound, a solution for Type-I and Type-II Diabetes. You can read and understand in detail about this disease, the Insulin levels, the do's and don'ts to avoid this disorder here

A man who believes in 'simple living, high thinking' has rendered 50 years of selfless service to the society and still continues to stretch a helping hand for those in need. His brain child, a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit PRAKASH PHARMACEUTICALS stands tall to recite the achievements of this noble man Dr. Shivanandaiah T.M.

Read more about the company, the ayurvedic meidcnes it manufactures, the case studies and other information at www.ayurvedasutra.com
You can reach him at +91 9901249108
Mail him at tmshiv@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Niveditha. It can help many people who are looking forward to avoid surgery.

jnaneshwara Tegginamatha said...

Nice post on Appaji, Nive...

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