My all time favorite comedy classics

While watching movie 'Angoor' on TV yesterday, i remembered my other favorite comedy classics. Here they are, not in the order of preference as each one is unique in its own way

1. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983) :

Hillarious comedy.
The ultimate comic scene in the movie for me is the Mahabharat scene on stage. Just cant stop yourself from laughing aloud. The single line dialogues of Dharmaraj's "....Shaant gadhadhhari Bheem...shaant...."
Dhritarashtra's "...Ye sab kya ho raha hai Dhuryodhan..." are so funny.

I will not write more. Watch it here and enjoy!
Haven't watched this movie yet? Don't worry. Its right here

2. Angoor (1982) :

Based on Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors" , this story is of identical twins( 2 pairs) and mistaken identity.
Brilliant performances by all especially Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma. Not to forget Maushmi Chatterjee's innocent and Deepti Naval's serious acting

3. Chupke Chupke (1975) :

Amitabh and Dharmendra who were seen in serious roles in most of the films until then, came together in Chupke Chupke to create that wonderful magic. Dharmendra plays practical joke with Sharmila's family with a dose of pure Hindi and Urdu.
I liked the names of the characters in the movie.
Dr.Parimal Tripathi, Sulekha, Prof. Sukumar, Vasudha. They have suited so aptly. Jaya Badhuri looks very cute

4. Golmaal (1979) :

Amol Palekar is one such humble actor who hesitates to kill even a mosquito! His switching of roles between sober Ram Prasad and modern Laxman Prasad in this phenomenal comedy Golmaal is just worth watching. One is in mustache and oily hair and a short kurta-pajama, the other one is clean-shaven, with loud clothes and modern. You shouldn't miss the hilarious chase to esacpe from his boss Bhavani Shankar (Utpal Dat) with help of a fake mother. A complete entertainer with some good songs


nivedita said...

I think our taste are same like our name! I too love these movies and thanks for the reviews.

vrushu said...

Thats true....
any one cant stay without laughing at the Mahabharata scene of Jane bhi do yaron.....
me too love it
nice reviews...

niveditha said...

@Nivedita, nice to know that these are your fav movies too
@Vrushu,i completely agree, watch this scene every morning and i bet you, it will make your day :)

Satya said...

hey these r my favorite movies too ..

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