New Passion

Me once again with a new passion.I have been trying a lot many new things in this past one year, learning Table Tennis, trying hands on the musical instruments guitar and keyboard,trying creative art to name a few. Sometimes it makes me think that today's world demands us to be "Jack of all trades".

Coming back to my new passion. It is jewelry designing. It all started on a lighter note on a suggestion by my sister
nandu. The interest soon became a passion. And i decided to open a blog to let out my creative designing instincts.

Here i am introducing my new blog to you,
Creative Fervor, a blog completely dedicated to the Jewelry making. Beautiful and charming necklaces, fancy and fashion earrings, bracelets..... articles about jewelry and accessories, the new trends in the fashion world and lot more you can expect in this blog.

These are some of the initial pieces of jewelry i have designed

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