Adding Cheer to IPL - Cheer Leaders at IPL5

Cheerleaders have been an integral part of IPL. Some teams have opted for the desi beauties while rest have sticked on to the fair blondes. The job of a cheerleader is not that easy as you think . The job starts proir to the arrival of teams on the field and continues upto after they leave.

They have to perform at the end of each over (40 overs mind it!) And to celebrate each of 4s and 6s. (Imagine the state when Chris Gayle is on fire!) And do not forget the fall of wickets. No doubt they have been successful in providing entertainment to the packed stadia and pull larger and larger crowds with their presence and performance

Some of the cheerful moments of of these beauties

Pune Warriors India Cheerleaders
Pune Warriors Cheerleaders in traditional Costume

Kings XI Punjab Cheerleaders
Kings XI Punjab beauties

Kolkata Knight Cheerleaders
Kolkata Knight Riders' cheerleaders in traditional attire

Mumbai India Cheerleaders
Mumbai Indians' cheerleaders performing
Cheerleaders at IPL5


Nirmalatm said...

I wonder if people were interested in Pune warriors cheer leaders.

Niv said...

Hey dont say so...they have been accepted and appreciated largely

Anonymous said...

the fair blondes are way way better than the aunties who call themselves cheerleaders lol :P

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