Theme Party - Valentine's Day

The Theme parties series continues..the month of February has romance in air and no points for guessing the theme for the month of Feb. Yes, it obviously has to be Valentine's Day theme, the theme of love and romance. 

So, here we will discuss Valentine party ideas and some details about hosting a valentine theme party. As usual we will start with the decoration part. 

Valentine Theme Party

Decoration :
Create a lovely ambience for the party with lots of red and pink. Red, white and pink balloons, roses and cute teddies form the basic decoration ingredients for this theme. Try and get heart shaped balloons if you can. Use beautiful and aromatic candles in red or any other color in decorating the party hall. 

Make small and big cut outs of heart shapes and cupid's arrows and hang them from the ceiling. You can even write cute Love messages and place them on tables or hang them. Put red silky cushions and bolsters for the seating arrangements. Place rose vases on tables. 
Hand over a rose to each lady as she enters the party hall. Make the entrance of the hall in a heart shape or an arch with balloons, something like shown below. 

Decoration for Valentine Theme partyDecoration ideas for Valentine Theme party
Entrance Decoration ideas for Valentine Theme partyEntrance Decoration ideas for Valentine Theme party

Dress Code :

The usual dress code for the Valentine's day theme party is red dress. But ladies also prefer to be in pretty pink. You can chose to wear anything in red, a long red gown or a short little red dress. Ideal dress for men is black and white, but no hard and fast rule, they can also experiment with red. A red shirt or coat will also do. 
Dress code for men for Valentine Theme partyDress code for ladies for Valentine Theme partyDress code for women for Valentine Theme partyDress code for men and women for Valentine Theme partyDress code for men for Valentine Theme party

Music :
Music is definitely forms an integral part of the Valentine theme party. Choose soft romantic numbers as well as romantic dancing numbers. 
Juke Box : Set up a juke box with a good collection of romantic numbers. Guests can give a surprise valentine gift to their spouses by dedicating their favourite song and expressing their love for each other.  Other gifts which you can gift your spouse on Valentine's day are a jewelry box, photoframe, vintage watch box, mercury vases, chocolates and teddy bears. Checkout some of the inexpensive valentine gifts

Games :
Plan some interesting and romantic Valentine Day party games for couples and guests for the evening. 

1. If the party is only for ladies, you can put up a big message board in the, with little hearts stuck on it. Ask your guests to write a romantic message for their spouses. Later remove them and send them to their respective spouses. They will really appreciate this gesture. (Similarly you can collect messages from their spouses couple of days earlier and read them out to ladies. Let them guess the message before you disclose the name!) Try it out, its really cute and romantic.

2. What more apt game than a cupid's arrow game to play on a valentine day theme party. 

3. I have listed some Couple games like Balloon dance, paper dance, couple dress up game, compatibility test, three legged race, instant reaction, ball balancing etc. You can check the details here

4. I have been asked by many readers to form a Valentine based Tambola, but unfortunately, have not been able to do. Will build one soon. However, if you want you can play a Bollywood Based Tambola

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