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A party is never complete without some interesting games played. Apart from good food and dancing, party games make a gathering memorable. 

If you are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting games, then you have come to the right place! In my earlier posts I have covered topics like, Theme parties, Tambola, Couple Games, Individual Games, Party games for kids, Bollywood games etc. Today, am giving you the details of some group games. The games which can be conducted for a bit larger crowds. 

If you have played or conducted any interesting group games, pls do contribute here, so that others also benefit. So lets get started....

1. Number Game : 

Make 2 teams of 6-7 people in each. Hand over a placard or paper with one digits written on them. 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..(extend if you have more members) to each member. Call out some figure say 2,60,142 or 5,21, 430... comprising of all digits. The team members should arrange themselves to the called out number. First to do will gain points.

2. Word Game :

As in the above game, hand over a placard or a paper to each team member with some alphabets. Call out some simple words and the team which forms or arranges the word first wins the game. You can make as many teams as possible depending on the crowd. 

2. Blindfold : 
Divide the group into 2 teams. Team A will blindfold a person from team B and will hide an object in the hall (or a ground). Team members of B will guide their blindfolded team mate upto the hidden object using only directions like left, back, forward, 10 o' clock position, 90 on.  Have an eye on the tick-tock!

3. My Turn, My Task : Divide the group into two teams of 5 each. Its a relay game. On a table keep 5 things in line like mug of beer or pepsi, green chilli, thread and needle, boiled egg, few coins (you can choose any items of your choice). The team members have to stand in queue at a starting line.(assign task to each member in prior).  The first person from each team will run and drink the mug and run back to the second person in queue. The second will run and eat green chillies kept on the table and will run back to the third person waiting in the queue..and the game continues till the last person finishes his task. The quickest team is the winning team. 

4. Tambola: Also called as Bingo or Housie it is an interesting and simple game wherein you have to cut the number being called out, if it exists in your ticket. And if you get the correct combinations, you win. Check this link for different variations in Bingo and also for the Bollywood based Tambola

5. Bollywood games : 
Bollywood is everybody's favourite. You can conduct hundreds of games out of Bollywood. If the crowd is huge divide them into few groups and conduct some really interesting games related to movies, songs, actors etc. You can find a huge list of games here

6. One Liner Surprise Gifts : This is one of the most surprising and exciting part for a huge gathering. You can callout these one liners and handover some little gifts(chocolate bars most preferred). Announce the liners all of a sudden when people are least expecting and watch the excitement and competition. The one who runs and reaches the caller first gets the prize! Am giving you some examples below:

       a. A lady with maximum number of bangles
       b. A person with maximum red in the outfit
       c. (For Men) A gentleman with longest hair ;)
       d. A lady with maximum number of ear piercings
       e. The youngest member in the gathering
       f. A person wearing a Titan watch with black belt (you can modify)
       g. A kid with maximum colours in his/her dress(multicolour)
       h. A lady with maximum heal (sandals)
       i. A person having spouse's photo in wallet/purse

Party Games - Rainbow Theme
1. Divide the guests into groups and give each team a name of a colour. Before that hide different coloured tapes at different, unexpected, secret places in the hall. The teams have to find the coloured tapes of their team. The team which collects maximum tapes in 5 min or a set time will be the winner.
2. A person with maximum number of colors in his outfit can be given the winner of the theme.
3. A person who can call out the colors of the rainbow in correct and reverse order quickly is the winner.
Read the rest of the games and the how to host a Rainbow Theme Party details here

Party Games Floral Theme
1. Create a crossword with flower names and let your guests identify them. Print the crossword on sheets of paper and distribute. Keep the time limit
2. Blindfold the person. Mix all kinds of flowers in a bowl. Ask the guest to identify or group the flowers
3. Ask them to sing songs with any flower in the lyrics
4. 4. Let the guests create a creative poster (or on the table) with flower petals. Keep the time limit.
Read the rest of the games and how to host a Floral Theme Party details here

Party Games - Arabian Nights Themes
Divide the guests into some groups of 4-5 members each.
1. Play any arabic songs and ask them to perform with bollywood moves to the song. It will be real fun.
2. Play any bollywood(completely mismatch) songs and ask them to perform belly dance to that tune.
3. Play tambola with a unique number calling related to Arabian nights. Read how to host the Arabian Nights Theme Party details here

Party Games - Mirch Masala Theme
1. Make a pouch containing all spices(2 cinnamon sticks, few cloves, nutmegs, few cardamoms, peppercorns, mace etc). Tell the participant to feel and identify the spices after blindfolding her. You can raise the difficulty level by asking the count of each spice!
2. You can ask two participants to pound the peppercorns into fine powder in a pestle in 1 min
3. You can give the list of scrambled words like
4. And a funniest game, ask them to identify these songs- The English translation of Bollywood songs!! 

a. Love is chily, my Love ; complicated are the lanes of Love
b. I was passing by, I was eating bhelpuri, what shall i do if you get chilly
c. Chandu's uncle made Chandu's aunty to have spicy batter with silver spoon
d. Taking a bath in the sea, you have become more salty
e. One hot tea cup and somebody to serve it

Check out the answers for these and read rest of the games along with complete details as to how to host Mirch Masala Theme Party here

Party Games - Sporty Day Theme
Plan athletics, tug of war, fun filled three-legged race, sack race, a 5-over cricket match, goal shooting, basket ball, maximum jumps in skipping, spoon and lemon race, polo, cycling....
Check out the complete details as to how to host a  Sports Day Theme Party details here

Party Games - Casino Night Themes
Bring in variations and some creativity to the traditional games played in the clubs. Let the fake money be available to the guests to play and enjoy without any hassle.Some of the favored games at the Casinos are the Card games, Wheel of Fortune, Poker, Roulette, Black Jack, Slots, Bingo etc.
Check out the complete details as to how to host a Casino Night Theme Party details here

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Do come back soon for more games :)


Shobha said...

Loved the party games, specially the bollywood song translation..we used to play lots of these in kitty parties.

Niv said...

Yes that translation thing is real fun. Since you have played, you can contribute here!

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