Theme Party - Floral

Its time to host a refreshing and colorful theme party, for the spring has arrived!! The pretty flowers bloom all around and nature looks so beautiful with greenery, freshness and full of life.

So here goes the theme, Floral. Lots and lots of ways and options to arrange and organize this party.

Decoration : You can arrange the party indoor or outdoor as per your constraint. The entrance can be decorated with the strings of flowers in a traditional way or in a creative way.

Decorate the entire area with flowers. Strings of flowers hanging, beautiful flower arrangement on the seating and dining tables, petals creatively arranged, rangoli with flowers and as far your imagination and creativity can go.
Table layout - Flowers and candlesTable layout - FlowersRangoli with Flowers
Use of fresh flowers and leaves would bring freshness and liveliness to the ambiance rather than the artificial ones

Dress Code : The ideal dress code would be any floral dress with floral accessories. Make a beautiful head gear for yourself with the flowers available at your end. Wrap the string of flowers on hand and waist and may be ankles.

Floral DressFloral HeadgearFloral Skirt

A single flower can be worn as earrings and same can be used as pendant for your neck piece. And yes you are good to go!
Floral Bracelet and Floral RingFloral Necklace with Flower

Games :
1. Create a crossword with flower names and let your guests identify them. Print the crossword on sheets of paper and distribute. Keep the time limit
2. Form one liners (Flower which represents Love - ?) or ()Color of flower for Love, Friendship, Peace )
If you can of such lines.
3. Jumble the names of flowers -
4. Blindfold the person. Mix all kinds of flowers in a
Ask the guest to identify or group the flowers
5. Ask them to sing songs with any flower in the lyrics
6. Teach a quick and easy flower arrangement technique to the guests
7. Give information about the rarest of flowers found around the world
8. Let the guests create a creative poster (or on the table) with flower petals. Keep the time limit.


Unknown said...

hi loved ur theme floral
could u plz give some idea for making housie ticket related to floral theme

Niv said...

Thank you Parul for giving me this idea! I will surely try to build one with this theme

Anonymous said...

could u plz give some idea for making housie ticket related to floral theme

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