It's Party Time! - Couple games( Part I )

It's Party time and You are bestowed with the responsibility of conducting the games! Its not an easy job I know. Don't panic. Think of some innovative, creative and fun games to entertain your guests and You will be the star of the evening for sure!

To help you with this, I have listed here some party games exclusively for couples. They are sure to enjoy these interesting games and wouldn't forget to thank you..
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1. Paper Dance:

Call all the couples on the dance floor. Spread few sheets of newspaper on the floor at some distance.This game is going to be a real fun as the size of the paper becomes small. The husbands can lift the wives to accommodate only two feet. And the rest is your imagination! 

Each couple will stand on the newspaper and start dancing. The one who steps outside the newspaper will be eliminated. Stop the music, say after 30 sec or a minute. Now fold the newspaper in the middle exactly into half. The music continues, so the dance. When the music stops next time, again the paper will be folded into half. This process continues till a winner is emerged.

2. Couple Dress Up Game:

All the husbands will stand in a line. Wives will dress their husbands up as quickly as possible or in 60 seconds. Props can include a sari, bangles, bindi, lipstick, earrings and a hair-do. Even you can choose to dress up in western wear. The husband looking cute and beautiful(!) will be the winner.

3. Three legged race:

Three Legged Race for the party

We have been playing this game since childhood, no much explanation needed. For those who have no idea, in this game one leg each of husband and wife are tied and they have to run/walk and reach the target. The couple reaching the finish line first is the winner.

4. Compatibility test:

Prepare a set of questions. Ask the wife separately and note down the answers. (Like her favourite color, favourite place of visit, the first fight, her favourite movie, her grandma's name etc.) Now ask the husband the same questions and see how many he gets correct. The more right answers, more compatibility.

5. Instant Reaction:

Let the husband and wife stand with a barrier between them and facing the audience. The couple is given a situation and they should enact each other's reaction, without seeing each other. You can give situations like husband-wife shopping, couple watching TV (see how they fight to own the remote), getting ready for office and so on.. See who can imitate better among two

6. English Test game:

This is a game of testing. Testing the knowledge of couples. The English knowledge test, the English Attack!

Choose some 5 - 10 couples (depending the crowd). Let husbands stand in a line on one side and wives on the other side. If there is a Guest Couple (in case of Farewell party) you can make them as Goal Points. Let the wife(guest) stand at one end of the hall or room and the husband at the other.

Now give numbers to the ladies and the gentlemen standing in lines on both the sides. 1-10 to ladies and 1-10 to gentlemen, they should remember their names.
The rule is simple: The words you call out will have -dis or -un as the opposite words. If the answer to the word starts with -dis some particular called number(from both lines) will run and touch the point A(Guest Lady) and if the answer to the word starts with -un the called person will run to the point B (Guest gentleman) . First to reach will grab the point!! Hope you got it!

Some words:
Well - unwell (so the contestants should run in the direction of B)
Lock - unlock
Respect - disrespect (the contestants should run in the direction of A )
Belief - disbelief
Do - undo 
Like - unlike / dislike (you can confuse the contestants with such words, it will be fun
The list goes on....

Keep tuned in for more games soon....

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