Take a Commercial Break!!

Am taking you down the memory lane again, this time not with old Doordarshan serials, but with those commercials or ADs which had become an integral part of our TV watching

Am sure everybody remembers this song even today "Buland Bharat ki buland tasveer......"

The boy is cuter than those jalebis. And why does the film and TV industry like name Ramu so much for 'kaka'

They were destined to be actors. Both looking cute. One of the English ads at that time

A whistle can inspire you to win a match..hmmm... nevertheless, it was a long lasting soap

Suresh Wadkar reading those lines in a song form. Do you agree?

The wrapper of Parle-G biscuit underwent so many modifications from thick butter paper to the thin glossy one. Even miniature and family packs have come now. But the taste remains just the same

Which one was your favorite? To which AD do you connect the most?


Satya said...

wow all these r my favorite ads too ...the favorite one is jalebiiiii :) ,still i remember the full script :)
thanks for sharing dear ...


nivedita said...

HI Niveditha,
My all votes go to Jaleebeeee. I loved that AD so much, and I have a sweet memory of my father. Even he used to enjoy this Ad with me.
Thanks for sharing all these lovely advertisements.

niveditha said...

Thanks Satya and Nivedita for your votes. Yes Jalebeeee is my favorite too. And i never liked Lifebuoy ads

vidhas said...

Thanks for sharing such lovley ads. My fav is jalebii,

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