Oldies-Goldies at Doordarshan

While writing my previous post this idea struck my mind. Lets traverse through the memories of our childhood, to the era when Doordarshan ruled....Doordarshan, the only daily entertainment dose of every Indian.

It is difficult to figure out the reason for liking those serials. May be the simplicity, closeness to the characters, realistic plots, quality acting, variety, social relevance are few things which characterized the serials of those times.
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Let me see how many I can recollect.

Ramayan and Mahabharat : 
Ramayan serial on Doordarshan Mahabharat serial on Doordarshan
How can we forget these two serials. They were not just mere 'Serials'. People literally used to do puja before starting of these serials. Entire nation used to come to a stand still for that one hour.
The characters suited the actors so very well that they have left an everlasting impression on us. So even today when we think of Lord Rama or Ravana those images only come to our mind.
Who can forget the battlegrounds and the arrays of symmetric arrows. It was hard to accept that Arun Govil(Ram), Dipika(Sita) they were only actors.
Malgudi Days: 
R.K. Narayan's Malgudi Days Doordarshan serial
Liked everything about this serial starting from the opening music to the realistic cartoons and the actors and each story.Udaan : 
Udaan serial on Doordarshan
The Character 'Kalyani' played by Kavita Chaudhary based on the life story of her own sister Kanchan Chaudhary, an IPS officer.Ham panchi ek daal ke : Not much memories of this one but somewhere remember Paranjpe (if am not wrong)Gul Gulshan Gulfam : 
Gul Gulshan Gulfam serial on Doordarshan
First exposure to Kashmiri lifestyle, their attires, flowers and house boatsAlif Laila : What i remember the most is the loud make-up and their costumes (loose pants)Chitrahaar : Used to eagerly wait for Wednesday evenings to watch this. I think 7.30.
Mix of old and new songs. Later it was modified, with actors coming in and playing their favourite songs.
Saptahiki : Oh! what enthu, as if we have conquered the future time machine.Regional Movie : Sunday afternoon slot for this Award winning regional movie.Used to try hard to get the subtitles along with the movie. Always used to wait for our Alphabetical turn.Cartoon Shows :
Duck Tales cartoon on DoordarshanThe Jungle Book cartoon on Doordarshan
Tom and Jerry cartoon on DoordarshanTaleSpin cartoon on Doordarshan
This is why used to like Sundays so much. Mogli, oh its Jungle Book actually(with Sherkhan,Bagira) and of course the song Jungle Jungle Baat chali hai pata chala hai.....,
Duck Tales, Tales spin, Alice in Wonderland, who can forget He-Man, Spider Man, Stone Boy
Mungerilal Ke hasin Sapne : Day dreaming Raghuvir Yadav with his winking eye, overcomes his frustrations, takes revenge on boss and his father-in-law,dates his beautiful collegue in dreams. Always the best was saved for the climax when his dream comes to an end.Sansar/Aparajita : Am confused which is the exact name, i can only remember Dheeraj Kumar calling 'Sunandaa' in a typical way, we used to make fun of it.Vyomkesh Bhakshi :
Vyomkesh Bhakshi serial on Doordarshan
One of the greatest detective serials i have watched till date. Huge fan of Rajat Kapoor as Vyomkesh Bhakshi in a dhoti and kurta, far better than today's CIDs.Mr.Yogi : Story of an NRI coming to India in search of his bride, played by Mohan Gokhle.Street Hawk : Liked its title music and back counting "5..4..3..2..1". Was a real hero. My brothers were huge fan of this.Vikram Betal: 
Vikram Aur Betal serial on Doordarshan
Though din't have choice but to watch nasty betal, the stories were worth watching. Arun Govil was good as usual in Raja Vikram's role too.Jaspal Bhatti : I don't exactly remember the name of the show, but there was a comedy program by Jaspal Bhatti.Surabhi: Became a great fan of Handsome Siddarth Kak and beautiful Renuka Shahane. Such an infotainment program. The last 'Sawal Jawab' section was equally thrilling. Don't know how many post cards we had posted with answers in the name of each family member but in vain. My mother used to wait to see Renuka's costume every week.Circus and Fauji: Shahrukh's earlier TV venturesDekh Bhai Dekh : Hilarious comedy by Shekhar Suman and group, don't exactly remember other fellows.Fatichar : Pankaj Kapoo's fine performance as Fatichar living in water pipes or so if i can recollect.Bharat Ek Khoj : Based on Pt.Nehru's 'Discovery of India'. It was a very serious documentary to understand at that time.Param Veer Chakr : Flavor or Patriotism on Sundays.Wagle ki Duniya : 
Wagle Ki Duniya serial on Doordarshan
Anjan Srivastava and Bharti Achrekar complemented each other so well in that light hearted comedy.Lifeline : Doctors, hospital and that ECG line, good serial, not able to remember the actual story.Tehkikat : Uncle Sam (Vijay Anand) with his hat and his assistant fat kallu mama.Farmaan :Starring Kanwaljit SinghKshitij Ye Nahi : Is it the serial with 3 ladies who come and stay in glass house kind after quarreling with their husbands or was it 'Intezar aur sahi'?Tipu Sultan : The life of Tipu Sultan was very well portayed in this serial. Got to know that Sanjay Khan suffered major burns in the fire accident that took place on the sets while shooting in MysoreThe World This Week : Presented by Pranoy Roy every Fridays.Turning Point : Never used to understand much but still used to catch it for the sake of saying 'i too watch a science program'. This and the above one again my brothers' favorites.Potli Baba ki : I think it was also on Sunday's treat with some interesting stories every weekWolrld Of Sports : Was not a regular viewer of thisAmaravati Ki Kathayein : oh! used to love this, everybody at home enjoyed it without missing.Aap Aur Ham : I think Jyotsna used to read viewer's lettersKrishi Darshan : I know it was a boring show for city-dwellers like us.Karam Chand : Pankaj Kapoor's one more brilliant performance.(remember carrot?)Quiz Show : By Siddharth Basu, too good

Couple of public service announcements...
“ek chidiya, anek chdiya", being my most favourite(
"mile sur mera tumhara"(
and "hamaara bajaj" ad was one of the memorable ads.


Jnaneshwara said...

Good..Nice 1 nive....Its good to recall olden days & of course regdg DD1 (Doordarshan) in this world of TV with many channels on each subject ..as DD played & playing major role as sorce of entertainement , mass communication media

BOOKER said...

Also you missed out few programs like Serials Ek Do theen Char, Manjil apne pane, Bunyaad, Regional song program "chitramala", UGC programs, National program of dance, rangoli and Sunday mornings, sidhhartha Basu's quiz programs like India Time etc.,
But still with Media explosion I feel nothing can match the virtue of programs those days...

niveditha said...

Thanks for bringing those memories in.Yes,no programs of present day can compete with of those days


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Nirmala said...

Rangoli at 7AM sunday morning..[:)]

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