Theme Party - Mirch Masala

Is it time for your next theme Party? Here is an interesting theme, Mirch Masala or Garam Masala. Am sure you are going to love this theme. Let us see how this works.

Decoration : Decorate the room with the cut outs of spices. Place a plate full of different spices arranged creatively on the tables. Place pounding devices, stone mortar and pestle if you have at home. You can even place some decoratives of spices.

Dress Code : If you are the organizer, instruct clearly in advance the dress code ,the jewelry and the accessories which should be of spices. I have shown few examples of necklaces from spices here.

Checkout the making of one such clove necklace at the below link.

Now the most interesting part of this party, the games.
Obviously the games will be based on the theme of spices. I have suggested few games. There is no bound for your creativity.

1. Make a pouch containing all spices(2 cinnamon sticks, few cloves, nutmegs, few cardamoms, peppercorns, mace etc). Tell the participant to feel and identify the spices after blindfolding her. You can raise the difficulty level by asking the count of each spice!
2. You can make a crossword of the names of the spices
3. You can give the list of scrambled words like


4. You can dance on some Garam masala song
5. You can ask two participants to pound the peppercorns into fine powder in a pestle in 1 min
6. Ask them to make a jewelry out of spices and paste it on a sheet of paper in 2 min
7. Give any product- Pav Bhaji masal, Chana masala, Chat masala or any spice or your choice and ask them to enact an advertisement to sell that product
8. And the funniest game, ask them to identify these songs- The English translation of Bollywood songs!! (You try without looking at the answers ;)

a. Love is chily, my Love ; complicated are the lanes of Love
b. I was passing by, I was eating bhelpuri, what shall i do if you get chilly
c. Chandu's uncle made Chandu's aunty to have spicy batter with silver spoon
d. Taking a bath in the sea, you have become more salty
e. One hot tea cup and somebody to serve it

You can think of many such songs which have masalas, spices, bollywood

a. Mohobbat hai mirchi, uljhi uljhi mohobbat ki galiyan sanam.....)
b. Mein to raste se jaa raha tha, mein to bhelpuri kha raha tha, tujko mirchi lagi to mein kya karu...)
c. Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ke chachi ko, chandi ki chamche se chatni chatayi..)
d. Samundar mein nahake aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho
e. Ek garam chai ki pyali ho, koi usko pilane vali ho...

Check out more such songs with answers here

Hope you enjoyed reading this theme and the games. So when are you conducting your next party?

Do share your experiences and any interesting games you have conducted. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nivi,

Interetsing & its nice, let try this out.

Bye dear TC

Nivedita Thadani said...

Hi Niveditha
First, I liked the new face of your blog.
The theme is Very interesting. I want to know, whether we have to do the same thing or can choose some other game or some other theme.
If it is not possible to arrange a party, can I only share the idea if I can think one???

Niv said...

Thank you. You can always bring about variations in the theme as well as games. You are most welcome to share your ideas dear

Anonymous said...

Hi nivedita....luv ur theme Mirch masala n had evn followed it in my last kitty get was much appreciated by my frndz n found it vry innovative n cool...evn da related games vr vry interesting...can U suggest me sum more ideas wth regards to da kitty theme n games

rekha said...

hhiiii nivedita..... I always go through ur blogs nd every tym I get d solutions... but this tym I m finding some games related to starting of the rainy season... but m unable to find it.. can u plzz help me.

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