The Diva

When it comes to picking the most inspiring Indian Public figure,
Kiran Bedi is the choice of many, needless to say mine too. From childhood, from the days of "Udaan"(a tele-serial in Doordarshan in 1980s) to be precise, I have looked upto her as a deity signifying women power. Her desire to work from "outside the system" made her to seek Voluntary Retirement two years ahead of her superannauation. Outside the System she is equally inspiring and motivating.

She is also a former National and Asian Tennis Champion.
She met Brij Bedi, her life partner at the Amritsar tennis courts who shared same interests, beliefs and goals. They married in 1972 in the most unique marriage ceremony of the yesteryears. Neither of them believed in religious ceremonies, or an expensive marriage ritual. Therefore they went to the Shiva temple and prayed, going around the temple seven times.

Her Biography
I Dare by Paramesh Dangwal still remains to be one of my favorite books.Yes Madam,Sir the inspiring,non fiction feature film based on her life is directed by Australian film maker Megan Doneman.
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My salute to you on this Women's Day!


Jnaneshwara said...

Nive to see that you have written about ,Kiran Bedi who was a Strict, reforming police officer .When she was in service she took a disciplinary action once against One of the countrys Top politician when they broke traffic rules & she has brought a revolutionary change in Tihar Jail & also wherever she worked.She is not only a role model for Police department itself irrelevant of gender.Udaan of course was one of my favourite hits.I Was lucky to see her in Shimoga many years ago along with her Thrilling & nice Speech..

niveditha said...

hey thanks for sharing information about Mrs.Bedi,even i too remember seeing her

nanditha tm said...

Kiran Bedi is my favourite too ever since I saw her in Shimoga in a function,some 12 years back..

pranay said...

NICE COLLECTION of OLD TV Serial which was the only source of entertainment during that period of our age :-)

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