5S Technique

Japan has gifted various techniques to the world, in the field of effective, successful management of workplace. Among them
5s Technique is one of the most approved, implemented, acknowledged practice worldwide.

The 5S’s stand for 5 Japanese words which are roughly translated as;

• Sort (Seiri)
• Set in order (Seiton)
• Shine (Seiso)
• Standardize (Seiketsu)
• Sustain (Shitsuke)

Sort out useful and frequently used materials and tools in the workplace,when in doubt, throw it away

Set in Order

Arrange needed items so that they are readily accessible and label them so that anyone can find them or put them away

Identify work areas that require cleaning and clean using appropriate cleaning tools and equipment. The purpose is to keep everything in top condition so that when someone needs to use something, it is ready to be used


Carryout visual checks of the above 3S’s and take corrective actions against any deterioration


Sustainability.To be successful make it an habit and permanent practice to follow these phases.

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