Novel or Movie?

Popular book doesn't always translate into a great movie.

Let’s analyze the approach involved in both.
While watching movie, the viewer is presented with all pictures and dialogues, sometimes even music is used to achieve a deeper impact on the viewer. Whereas readers are supposed to do more brainwork: They have to elaborate the written descriptions and dialogues into pictures in their minds, not supported by the medium of music.

In spite of that novel reading wins the race in most of the cases.

The First novel is
The Da Vinci Code.
Fascinating thriller, surprising at
every twist, every turn, and in the end, an utterly
unpredictable conclusion.

Amidst lot of controversy, the movie failed to create the magic onscreen as compared to the novel.

Though it is easy to follow the movie with novel already in mind, we realize later that reading the novel was more fun.

Another movie I would like to mention is
Forrest Gump,
the narrative story of a man with low intelligence and his epic journey through life who gets to interact with many famous personalities of the day.
I haven’t read the novel but I have heard that though the novel and movie in general are similar, surprisingly the endings are totally different.I personally loved the character portrayed by
Tom Hanks.

Why it happens?

In an attempt to make it more appealing to the audience, movie makers deviate from the original storyline and somehow fail to create that magic on screen.Have u come across any such novel-movie?


Kusum said...

Good one. I do agree with you. Dan Brown's Angels & Demons is also being made into a movie. Lord of the Rings is also on the list. I have not read it but am sure it will be very interesting. All 3 movies of Lord of the Rings series are worth watching.

niveditha said...

I will surely try and catch one of the RINGS...

nanditha tm said...

I have read a novel'Gunaho ka devta'
by Dharamvir Bharti which is being made into 'Kati Patang'.Though i haven't watched the movie,i have heard its quite a famous movie of the times.I enjoyed reading the novel very much.

chithira said...

true..movies r nowhere near to the original novel...i dnt kno abt forrest gumpp as i have only seen the movie its very true in case of davinci code...u could say they destroyed the book...

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