Healthy Sprouts Salad Recipe

Sprouts salad, a healthy bowl of goodness and nutrition. The most preferred food of diet conscious people! It is a quickie you can prepare it in a jiffy. In fact, there is no particular procedure for making this salad nor its ingredients. You can experiment with different sprouts of your choice and flavor it tangy, crunchy, sour or sweet as per your taste.

Make it as colorful as possible if you are giving it for kids, they will love it. You can carry it to office in a box and keep munching it in intervals. Yes, it is an healthy addition to dinner spread too!

Healthy sprouts salad recipe

Sprouted grains (of your choice) - 1 cup (Here I have taken half cup each of green gram and black chick peas)
Tomato - 1 chopped finely
Green chilli - 1 
Carrot - half cup grated
Onion - 1 small, chopped finely
Lemon juice - few drops
Chopped coriander
Salt / Black Salt - as per taste

1. Wash and soak the grains overnight. Drain all the water in the morning and tie them in a clean kitchen cloth or muslin cloth. After 1 day you can see small sprouts appearing through the cloth. If you want longer sprouts you can keep for one more day. 
2. Another method of sprouting is to just keep the grains in a covered container may be a plastic box (if you don't want to tie in cloth) after discarding water in the morning. This method might take a bit longer time than the previous one.
3. Once the sprouted grains are ready, cut other vegetables, chillies and onion. 
4. Mix everything in a bowl. Add lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves. Serve!

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