How to make Paneer at home in 3 easy steps?

I had tried making paneer at home quiet a number of times. I could make, but not the perfect ones. They would shred whenever i fried them or directly put into any curry. So I had switched over to buying paneer from the shop.
But this one time i wasn't lucky to get it from outside. And i had to make it myself at home. Fortunately it turned out well and they dint break also when I used in the dish.

Home made paneer in easy way
So for all those who have gone though my state, here am giving you the simple steps to make paneer at home in easy way

Ingredients : 
Milk  - 1 litre
Lemon juice - 2,3 tbspoons
Vinegar - 1 tbspoon (optional)

1. Bring milk to boil. Lower the heat and add lemon juice, keep stirring while you add. Milk starts to cuddle. (at this step add vinegar so that the process of cuddling continues for some more time and you get more paneer). Switch off the gas.

2. Pour the contents into a muslin cloth / cheese cloth. Allow it to cool a bit. Hang it for 15 minutes, so that all the whey is gone. 

3. Now keep a heavy object on the cloth. I had kept cooker filled with water for 3 hours. Remove it and you will see stiff but soft paneer. Cut them and pieces and store in air tight container. You can preserve this in refrigerator for 5-6 days. 

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