Warli Frame

Following the encouragement and motivation after my First Warli painting on a coffee mug, here I am with my second experiment. The warli tribe in celebration and joyous mood. I have painted this on a tile and got it framed. Yes it is a recycled art too. You can use this excellent idea on waste and cut tiles of any shape. Artwork on a tile.  Isn't it pretty?

Simple Warli Design Frame

For those who missed my first painting, here it is 

Creative Warli design on a coffee mug

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Nanditha said...

Wow! Nice effort! You are becoming Warli specialist I feel..

Jnaneshwara said...

Super, Nive.. No words to express your creativity..Keep up the good work..

Niv said...

Thanks Nanditha and Jnaneshwar. Its only the start, letc how far it takes me..

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