Recycled Art - A Vase from old Calendar

It's been long since I made any recycled craft project. Found an old calendar last week while searching for some stuffs. And my hands started itching. Itching to convert that trash into some useful stuff. In the meanwhile I had collected some lovely peacock feathers. 
So thought of making a vase for these feathers. Aren't these feathers beautiful?

Follow these easy steps for this DIY project 
Materials Required:
Calendar sheets
Used water bottle (or any container in round shape)
Used CD

Step 1 : Cut the calendar sheet into half (if the sheet is very thin)or three or four equal pieces depending on the thickness and size of the sheet.

Step 2: Roll them and apply glue. They will become hard rolls like these

Step 3: Take an used water bottle or any container and cover it with a sheet. Give a hard base to it. I have used an old CD here. 
Step 4: Start sticking the rolls one after the other applying sufficient glue lengthwise and also to the base. Applying glue on the adjacent roll to hold it tight. 
Step 5: Finish the entire circumference with rolls. If you wish you can paint them with the color of your choice. Else keep it as it is to give a natural look. 
A beautiful Vase is ready!

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