Top 10 Hinglish Movies

I am quite a fan of this genre of movies called Hinglish movies. Movies with a blend of English and Hindi.

These Hinglish movies are not only fun to watch, but they depict the culture and lifestyle of modern society. The subjects seem so realistic. We can connect well with the situations and issues portrayed in those. May it be a girl wanting to make a career in soccer as in 'Bend It like Beckham' or the guy who is torn between American culture in the society and traditional Indian culture at home and dislikes his name as in 'The Namesake'.

Here is a list of Top 10 Hinglish Movies I have watched. I have included the list of other Hinglish movies also at the bottom. 

1. Monsoon wedding(2001)
A wonderful depiction of a modern day Indian wedding. A drama-comedy revolving around the preparation for the wedding and the arrival guests to attend the wedding in the month of monsoon. Things get serious as some dark secrets of the family get revealed. The movie touches sensitive issues like sexual abuse in the family.
2. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer(2002)
The story of Meenakshi Iyer, a conservative hindu brahmin housewife who is travelling with her infant son, and a fellow muslim traveler faces Hindu-Muslim communal riots on the way of her journey and how she saves the situation introducing him as Mr.Iyer
3. Bend it Like Beckham(2002)
A young girl from a middle class Punjabi family, settled in London, desperately wants to make a career in soccer because she is a huge fan of Bechkam. But her family is against her wish. Though a comedy flick, the movie throws light on about making dreams come true. The catchy Punjabi-Hindi-English dialogues are worth the watch

4. Mitr :My friend(2002)

A warm hearted tale of a middle- aged woman, her daughter and her husband. She sacrifices and devotes herself completely to her family and homemaking, but finds herself deserted. In order to overcome the loneliness and negligence, she turns to a stranger friend online and discovers herself that there is much more to do in life than looking after the family

5. The Namesake(2006)

One of Mira Nair's best. Brilliant acting by Tabu and Irfan Khan. The story of an immigrant couple and how they try to inculcate Indian culture and tradition to their children. Gogol, their son who struggles to make his own identity. 

6. Outsourced(2010)

A call center manager who comes to India to train his replacement witnesses the cultural  difference in work, friendship, love and effect of global economy on national and personal identity. He understands that the key to survival is adaptability and tries to adapt to his host's culture and language.

7. Slumdog Millionaire(2008)

With the Slumdog Millionaire, the category of hinglish film making achieved new heights. The story of 3 slum kids and how they survived through their childhood . In order to prove his innocence and his knowledge, Jamal khan reflects his childhood for tv reality show.

8. Amrtisar To LA(2004)

Based on the classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, the movie is a visual delight. The story travels from Amritsar to Britain and then to America. Directed by Gurinder Chadda, the movie tells story of a family living in Amritsar and having four daughters of marriageable age. It is a musical family drama.

9. Freaky chakra(2003)

Not one of my favs, still am including in the list. The story of 40-something doctor who leaves her medical practice as she couldn't save her husband's life. Her monotonous life changes when young boy walks into her life.

10. Morning Raga(2004)

A story that brings modern and traditional worlds together, unites present with the past, Carnatic music with the western music. The love for music brings together the three characters whose lives are ruined by past tragedies. 

Other Hinglish Movies
  1. Hyderabad Blues(1998)
  2. Bombay Boys(1998)
  3. Everybody Says Am fine (2002)
  4. Being Cyrus(2006)
  5. My Brother Nikhil(2005)
  6. The other End of the Line(2008)
  7. Bollywood Calling(2001)
  8. American Desi(2001)
  9. The Last Lear(2007)
  10. Provoked(2006)
  11. Its a Wonderful Afterlife(2010)
  12. English Vinglish(2012) (This movie definitely tops the list of my favourites! Loved Sridevi in it :))
  13. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

Any more movies to add to the Lists?


ATM said...

Being Cyrus is a notable miss

Niv said...

I somehow did not like the black comedy 'Being Cyrus'. Anyway, i will add it to the list

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