Flipkart ADs - The cutest!

Shopping and buying products online was a distant dream in the past. And it is still for many in India at least. Here is one company which has brought in a revolution in e-commerce, Flipkart.

Flipkart, a Bangalore-based company which started as a small online book store by two IIT gratuates -Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007, has grown gigantically etching millions of turnover in just 5 years.

Ok, am not here to discuss the success story of Flipkart. Rather am fascinated by the ads which are aired on TV these days. Their new campaign of 'Kids as Adults' is just overwhelming. These commercials are not only a great fun to watch but are surely contributing to their business.
Here are my most favorite ones

1. Shopping Ka Naya Address : This is just so cute. The expressions on each of the characters are just awesome. And the ultimate line is "Shadi se pehle aapka bhi sirf photo hi dekha tha" :):)

2. No Kidding, No Worries : Two guys and their favorite MP3!

3. Product Replacement guarantee : Husband and wife back with a cute conversation

4. Cash On Delivery : Old school of shopping. Have you noticed their vending machine?

5. Shop Online: Cutest Shopping couple. Women just love gifts, be it be..

6. Original Products with original Warranty : Girls are girls!

Which is the cutest for you?
Brand New TV ads updated on 24th August

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