What happened in Leh?

Leh is a beautiful mountain town in the disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir. With its natural beauty and picturesque sceneries it has become tourists and travelers' paradise. This is all a history now.

The flash floods which devastated this "cold dessert" on August 6th has resulted in a death toll of 165 and around 500 people still missing. The couldbursts have completely washed away this beautiful town. What left now is only the debris. People who have lost their homes, their dear ones are struggling to come to terms with their lives having no clue about the missing ones

The floods have muddied fresh water streams, the main source of water to the town. The communication system has been completely disrupted. The roads, homes, bridges, power cablestelephone towers have been damaged fully

The region rermains cut off from the outside world for the fifth consecutive day today as the lifeline Leh -Shrinagar, Leh- Manali continue to remain blocked

The rescue and relief operations are in full swing amidst challenging weather conditions. The only means is the air means and Indian Air Force is actively working round the clock supplying relief material, medical equipments, paramedical personnel, JCBs, Bulldozer apart from 6 ton load of BSNL equipments and airlifting the stranded people

What is a cloudburst?
A cloudburst is an extreme form of rainfall, sometimes mixed with hail and thunder. It normally lasts no longer than few minutes, but is capable of creating flood like situations.

The cloudbursts which devastated Leh lasted less than two hours.

People of Leh-Ladakh who were gearing up for the peak season of tourist activity, unfortunately had to become the victims of Nature's fury

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Nivedita Thadani said...

Well Written,
I am following the news. Its really sad. Lets pray for the people of beautiful Leh and Ladakh.
Thanks for sharing it with us Niveditha

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