We Salute You Soldiers!

Spare a Thought.....

You stay up for 16 Hours. He stays up for days and days

You call up your office to say that you are not well & won't be coming to work.
Getting shot doesn't stop him from moving forward to complete his assignment.

You gossip about your friends in a gathering.
He knows, heart to heart, he may not meet some of his buddies again

You drive on hilly roads, enjoying the scenery.
He dominates the country side, even in the darkness, to keep you safe

You talk about climate change sitting in your AC room.
He wears his heavy gear in that hot climate

You go out to lunch in a restaurant.
He survives in a jungles on whatever he gets.

You care for your Gizmos. He cares for his weapon more than anything else

You take your wife out for shopping. He holds her letter to smell her perfume

You teach your baby to walk. He sees his baby grow up in pictures

You talk about collateral damage. He ensures that you are evacuated first, even thought he is also injured

You send your child to the best of schools. He builds school in remote areas

He assists in building roads to connect remote areas. His own village road washes away in floods

You are asked to do odd jobs by your parents- you don't. He does exactly what he is told,
even if it puts his life in danger

you sleep at home in peace. He is on guard at the border to ensure your peace.

You crawl into your soft bed comfortable, every night. His assignments usually starts when darkness falls.

You get accolades for standing second in class. For him there are no 'runners up' in war.

You remember him & God in war. Post war he is forgotten....

............HE IS YOUR SOLDIER

We salute You on this Independence Day!


Nivedita Thadani said...


Nirmalatm said...

Happy Independence day.Salute to all brave soldiers and Army people [:)]

Nivedita Thadani said...

I am sharing an award with you.
Please collect it from my blog.

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