Home Vs Play Home

My vote has always been for the 'Home' rather than the 'Play Home' ,until l saw my nephew who has started his play home recently. He has grown so active, so sharp and creative in a very short duration. He is not even 3 years and he recites every rhyme though in tit bits, English and Kannada, the numbers, the letters, identification of birds and animals, the pronunciation of difficult words, the cute formation of small sentences, the drawing skills(his favorite).............oh!my God, its overwhelming.
The best thing i like is the josh with which he sings the National Anthem.
I feel today's generation itself is born intelligent. We just need to identify the skills and nurture them.

Have a look at his amazing drawing skills

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Jnaneshwara said...

Wow.Nice to See a post about Sujay..! Thanks for posting Nive.

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