Long Lost Childhood Games - Spinning Top / Lattu / Bugari

Get ready for a nostalgic drive, for am taking you to the memory lanes of our childhood days. 

We all have plenty of fond memories attached to those bygone days. Apart from school, one major work we used to do as kids was play, play and play whether its indoor or outdoor. The  outdoor games have almost become extinct now, thanks to the busy and hectic lifestyle. And we hardly find any unoccupied plots or open grounds like earlier.

Here is a small attempt to revive those lost childhood games or Indian Traditional games which we used to play and enjoy as kids. 
Next in the series is Spinning top or Lattu. We call it Bugari in Kannada. It used to be one of the popular street games of India. I believe at least this game is still played in the rural parts unlike Channe Mane and Kancha (Goli)Gilli Danda (Chinni Dandu)Lagori (Pittu)Hide-and-Seek / Chuppa Chuppi which are almost extinct. 

Boy showing tricks in spinning top game
Photo by Ahyon

Rules of the game:

The game involves spinning a wooden toy called 'top' which is spherical at the top and tapering at the bottom.  A string is used to wrap around the the top to spin it. It was knotted at the end to hold between the fingers. 

I remember how boys used to make different styles and actions while throwing the wrapped top in the air.  If I remember properly, two boys would throw the spinning top on ground and would see whose top  spun  for more time.
Not only that they would also pick up the spinning top on to the palm while it is still spinning and pass it on to others also. It was fun to watch. 
Girls rarely played this game.
Do you have any interesting experience with this game? Do share in the comments.
Tune in for more of these games.

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