A Special Independence Day!

Yesterday I got an opportunity to witness the Independence Day celebrations and be a part of cultural activities at a school function. 
As the flag was hoisted and the National Anthem was sung, I realized, it has been so many years since I attended any Flag hoisting ceremonies. A sense of pride set in as I sang the National Anthem looking at the fluttering National Flag . 

Once I was out of school, it was as if the celebration of National Festivals was over. We used to hoist the Flag on the terrace of our house for couple of years after out from school. With great difficulty, few times I have even visited the Manek Shaw Parade ground in Bangalore to witness the Flag Hoisting and catch a glimpse of the parade. But yesterday was something different, something special. Proud to be an Indian!

Happy Independence Day!

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Jnaneshwara said...

Lucky, Nive..No doubt at all...Even I attended flag hoisting ceremony in my office on 15th August...sang National Anthem after many years on Independence day..We should be proud to be Indian

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