Theme Party - Rainbow theme

Color, color, what color? Continuing in the series of Theme Parties here is a colorful theme for you ladies - the Rainbow theme.
What more perfect a theme you want to welcome the monsoons and to celebrate the colors.  So get ready to enjoy and entertain in the festival of colors, in the colors of the rainbow.

Decoration : Cover the entire party hall in colors. Use different shades and hues. The entrance can be decorated something in this way to welcome the guests.
If you are arranging the party in a big scale, then you can use lots and lots of colorful balloons and make a grand welcome arch. If it is a small gathering at a small place then, colorful streamers can be hung at the entrance which is so fun. Try to incorporate as many colors as possible in your decorations.

Then comes the interiors. Bring out all the multicolored decoratives you have. Don't have? Don't worry, I have alternate suggestions. Cut multicolored papers in strips or whatever shape you like. Make a string and run through the ceiling and walls. It looks so attractive, cheerful and of course colorful.

Fill out the empty places with colorful umbrellas

Food table, the center of attraction can be decorated with a ruffle table cloth like this.

Each dining table can be covered with solid-colored table clothes. Use the colors of the rainbow violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red - VIBGYOR! and turn the entire hall into a gigantic rainbow. You can even use white and sky blue colors. Place colorful bowls or vases on the table to complete the look.

Dress code : Now comes the interesting part, the dress code. As such there is no ideal dress code for this theme, but since I have always suggested in my previous themes here is a rainbow dress.
But there are endless options. If you don't have multicolored outfits like these, go for mix and match. Accessorize your solid mono colored skirt or top with scarf, belt and footwear of different colors.
How about some rainbow effect to your mani and pedi??

Food: Incorporating the rainbow colors in the menu is a challenging task. Arrange a fruit tray with the fruits strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, cherries and so on. Layered cake or gelatin can be served for desserts. Drinks can also be prepared with colors.

Games: There are umpteen number of games based on rainbow theme. Some of them are:
1. Divide the guests into groups and give each team a name of a color. Before that hide different colored tapes at different, unexpected, secret places in the hall. The teams have to find the colored tapes of their team. The team which collects maximum tapes in 5 min or a set time will be the winner.
2. A person with maximum number of colors in his outfit can be given the winner of the theme.
3. A person who can call out the colors of the rainbow in correct and reverse order quickly is the winner.
4. Multi colored thermocol balls are required for this game. The contestants have to segregate the thermocol balls of same color using sucking action of a straw. Set the time.

This theme can also be named Monsoon theme or Saawan theme. (If you are using Saawan theme use lots of green color)

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