Remade Movies-Hollywood to Bollywood

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about the Indian Television Reality shows which were copied inspired from US, UK based shows.

Here is the Big screen, the movies. The Hollywood movies have inspired the Bollywood so much so, that some films are just the translation(carbon copies) of the original, including the scripts and the screenplays. Some movies are picked and get Indianised for the Indian audience.

The more I explored about this topic, the more astonished I was. And at some point of time I even lost interest, for, maximum number of known movies were in some way or the other had Hollywood connection. The new trend these days is, Producers are buying the movie rights and making movies and even making it public that they have done so. But sincere thanks to those hard working directors who come up with original scripts and ideas and are successful in entertaining the audience.

The complete list of movies is out of bound of this post. I have listed only a few.
  1. Reincarnation of Peter Proud - KARZ
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud KARZ
I have watched only the Hindi version in my childhood days. The haunted music really used to scare me back then. Nice movie with nicer songs.

2. Three Men and a Baby - Heyy Babyy

Three Men and a Baby Heyy Babyy

I have watched Heyy Babyy. Light comedy, time pass, baby is cute though. Happened to see some portion of the English version on TV sometime back

3. Bucket List - Dasvidaniya

The Bucket ListDasvidaniya

Have watched both. The Bucket List is one of my favorite movies. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are exceptional. This movie kind of opens our eyes and gives us a key message. Vinay Pathak too has done impressive work in the Hindi version.

4. Bruce Almighty - God Tussi Great Ho

Bruce Almighty God Tussi Great Ho

Have watched Bruce Almighty. But never had the patience to watch completely the Amitabh-Salman version.

5. Sarkar - The Godfather

The GodfatherSarkar

The Godfather was a Classic. The language was bit hard for me to understand when I watched it for the first time. I felt Sarkar was also equally good. One of BigB's notable performances.

6. Hitch - Partner


Partner, a typical masala movie, with Salman guiding Govinda in getting his Love. Liked the songs. Watched Hitch later and preferred it for Partner

7. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - Dostana

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & LarryDostana

Have watched Dostana. Was much hyped before its release. Somehow I did not like it that much. I have no clue about the English version of this movie, never heard or watched it.

8. Memento - Ghajini


I have watched both and liked both. Incidentally had watched Memento earlier and the first trailer of Ghajini made me say, 'Oh i know the story'. Nevertheless, Ghajini, did not disappoint.
(Some say Ghajini is lifted from Tamil version). Don't know the origin exactly.

9. My Best Friend's Wedding - Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

My Best Friend's WeddingMere Yar Ki Shadi Hai
I have always loved Julia Roberts, so was this movie My Best friend's Wedding. Mere yar an average movie i feel.

10. Changing Lanes - Taxi No 9211

Changing LanesTaxi No 9211

Have not watched Changing Lanes. Didn't quite like Taxi no 9211, reason John Abraham. I can't stand his acting skills. Nana Pathekar is good as always.

11. She's the Man - Dil Bole Hadippa

She's The ManDil Bole Hadippa

I really do not know if these both are same. I liked the movie She's the Man but have never watched Dil Bole Hadippa.

And the list Continues........
  1. A Star is Born(1954) - Abhimaan(1973)
  2. The Magnificient Seven(1960) - Sholay(1975)
  3. Blackbeard's Ghost(1968) - Chamatkar(1992)
  4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers()1954) - Satte Pe Satta (1982)
  5. Return To Eden(1983) - Khoon Bhari Maang(1988)
  6. A Kiss Before Dying(1991) - Baazigar (1993)
  7. Twin Dragons(1992) - Judwaa(1997)
  8. It Happened One Night(1934) - Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi(1991)
  9. Breaking Away(1979) - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar
  10. Chinatown(1974) - Manorama Six Feet under(2007)
  11. Chak De India(2007) - Miracle(2004)
  12. Unfaithful(2002) - Murder(2004)
  13. Scarface(1983) - Agnipath(1990)
  14. The Miracle Worker(1962) - Black(2005)
  15. E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial(1982) - Koi Mil Gaya(2003)
  16. Invitation To A Suicide (2004) - Peepli(Live) - 2010
  17. Liar Liar (1997)- Kyo kii..MeinJhoot Nahi Bolta(2001)
  18. Bichhoo(2000) - Leon:The Professional(1994)
  19. Disclosure(1994) - Aitraaz(2004)
  20. Nine Months(1995) - Salaam Namaste(2005)
  21. The Italian Job(2003) - Players(2012)
Can you think of any other?


Nivedita Thadani said...

good research...
whatever its good to watch original English movies right!!
Even the Bucket List is my favorite movie....

Niveditha said...

Thank you Nivedita. Yes original English movies do not have so much masala as their Hindi counterparts

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