Theme Party - Sports Day Out

Bored of attending and hosting parties inside the closed walls of your house? Ladies, here is a fun filled and exciting theme for your next kitty party or your theme party. Its 'Outdoor n Sports' or 'Sports Day Out' or simply 'Sports Day'.

This will be a perfect theme to host after winters. Best way to call your friends out to enjoy the sun. Yes, test their stamina and fitness too through fun filled activities ;) Lets dive into the details of the party.

Decoration: The biggest plus point of this theme is that you don't have to scratch your head for decorating your party hall. The theme is sports, so obviously it will be held outside in an open area. So bring out all your sports equipments, for they themselves are the decoratives

Borrow what all you can from your kids - cricket set, rackets, colorful shuttlecocks, nets, tennis balls, footballs, flying discs, skipping ropes......there is no limit!
Arrange them in an attractive way and you are done.

Dress Code: Needless to say the dress code would be sportswear, but with some style quotient added to it. We ladies can never be simple right ;) Which is your style among these?
Dress code for Sports Theme partyDress code for Sports Theme partyDress code for Sports Theme party

Music : Music is an integral part of any party. You can choose popular numbers from so many of sports based movies like Lagaan, Chak De India, Goal, Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar etc. They are not melodious but inspirational too.

Games : Games, games, games and games. Plan the entire party with quick and surprising games for the guests. There is no bound when it comes to outdoor games. Pep up the players, arrange for cheerleaders. 

Plan athletics, tug of war, fun filled three-legged race, sack race, a 5 over cricket match, goal shooting, basket ball, max jumps in skipping, spoon and lemon race, cycling....these are the things popping in my mind right now. Will update as and when.
Sack race for Kids

Guests are sure to enjoy their bygone childhood days and ladies dont forget you have burnt calories too;)

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