No One Killed Jessica

The long weekend started with the movie No One Killed Jessica. Was looking forward to this movie, not for the love of the two leading ladies. I had followed Jessica Lall case upto the judgement.
And when i heard this case has metamorphosed into a movie i was kind of excited to see the screen version. I liked it. The importance of media in nailing the killer is very well shown. But the reporter, Meera Gaity played by Rani Mukherjee (was she inspired by Burkha Dutt?) seemed over extrovert in her behavior. An ambitious journalist, dominating her dumb colleagues does Shirshasan in office too (it canhappen only in movies!).

Nevertheless, Jessica has got the justice finally. Please watch the movie for the sake of awareness and to see how media and public pressure can really contribute in punishing the gulity.

Read the complete true story of Jessica Lall here

Beautiful Jessica Lall. Real and On screen Sabrina Lall(Jessica's Sister)


Jnaneshwara said...

Good Summary ..! Thanks for info Nive..

niveditha said... when are you catching it up?

ravi said...

even i have seen this movie its nice... :)

niveditha said...

Yes Ravi, its worth watching

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