Malgudi Days and R.K.Laxman

I am a great fan of this legendary cartoonist. I admired his sketches since childhood. Watching his sketches in 'Malgudi Days' was fun, without even knowing who the creator was. I enjoyed watching the serial along with the entire family glued to the TV. We used to eagerly wait for that opening music, a mild flute note.
(Now it is one of the favorite caller tunes!!)
Later I learnt that he is the man who popularized the “Common Man” Character worldwide through his realistic cartoons in a daily. ‘Malgudi Days’ was the collections of short stories by his elder brother R.K.Narayan directed by late Kannada actor and director Shankar Nag.
You can watch all the episodes online

It’s Returning!!
The National Film Award-winning film-maker Kavitha Lankesh has been offered a chance to re-shoot the serial for Doordarshan.
Hope it will bring back those sweet memories and
she lives up to the standards and expectations of all!
…….to be continued

1 comment:

ATM said...

Malgudi reshoot. I don't want to see. Another layer over the nostalgia, never nice.

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