Types of Blogs

While going through various blogs on the internet, I noticed that the blogs fall into certain categories. I have tried to group them under few headings.

Instructional - Instructional posts tell people how to do something .It may be the recipe of a mouthwatering cake or the notes of a music piece.

Review – One of the highly searched term on the web is ‘review’ - I know every time I consider buying a new product I head to Google and search for a review on it first.

List - One of the easiest ways to write a post is to make a list. Posts with content like‘The Top Ten ways to….’,‘7 Reasons why….’‘ 5 Favourite ….’,are not only easy to write but are usually very popular with readers.

Family blogs –This is one of the friendly way to keep in touch with your family and friends. U can update the photos of your children as they grow starting from their birth, the celebrations and can update the ongoings in your life.

Travel blogs - U can see hundreds of blogs related to travel. Those who are fond of traveling can start a travel blog giving the information about a place they have visited, major attractions, facilities and such things.

Auction blogs- One of the emerging trends in blogging. Can display the items for sale in an organized manner and start making money online.

Interviews - Sometimes when you run out of insightful things to say it might be a good idea to let someone else do the talking in an interview. This is a great way to not only give your readers a relevant expert’s opinion but to perhaps even learn something about the topic you’re writing yourself.

Inspirational - Post inspirational and motivational pieces. Tell a success story of a personality. People like to hear good news stories as it motivates them to persist with what they are doing.

Research - Research posts can take a lot of time but they can also be well worth it if you come up with interesting conclusions that inspire people to link up to you.

And so many other types, the list goes on….You can always mix some of the types not only to get a good traffic to your blog but also to make it more fun and colorful!

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Jnaneshwara said...

Nice observation nive..

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