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No theme would be more apt than Election, in the current scenario the county is witnessing. From dawn to dusk, you keep hearing Election saga in newspapers, TV, social network and neighborhood. Everything on earth is kind of Electionofied !?* Hope you agree with me..

I know I'm a bit late in getting onto the Election train,(the final phase and Counting is still left!) nevertheless, this theme is going to be a hit until few months from now at least. While Election and Voting are serious issues, organizing a theme such as Election in your kitty party (not a political party ;)) or gatherings shows your social awareness. Read on to know Election theme party ideas. Jai Hind!

Election Theme party ideas

Decoration : You probable won't need any inspiration for decoration part for this Election themed party. Look around you and plenty of ideas start popping up. You can hang posters of different political party symbols and leaders in the party hall. Paste Manifestos of parties, slogans for voting etc.

AAP party symbol - JhaaduParty symbols of different political parties

(Yes, am an AAP supporter :))

Dress Code : In India we recognize politicians by a typical dress code. You can either opt for crisp whites, khadi kurthas with overcoats and jackets, cotton sarees or walk in as a aam aadmi / aam aurat in ordinary clothes. That is completely left to your choice. A cap will definitely give you a neta look. You can also come dressed as your favorite Neta. (Do the kind of clothes matter for a politican??)

Games: Here comes the interesting part. Election itself is a game, a game of votes, which can make a candidate win or loose. Since we are organizing a party and not the real political scenario, lets make the gathering fun and entertaining with the theme.

Some interesting games for Election theme party (This solely depends upon the IQ level of your guests. So pls alter the games accordingly)

1. Divide the guests into 3-4 teams (Parties) depending on the strength. (Keep a bowl of chits with Party A/B/C and ask them to pick a chit as they enter the party hall). Ask the team members to choose a unique party name for their team.
2. Project the photos of some famous and not so famous political figures and ask their names or the party to which they belong to each Party in turns.
3. Project the party symbols of regional parties or not so famous political parties and ask them to identify.
4. Give each team a time limit of 5 min and ask them to come up with best Slogans on Voting.
Voting SlogansVoting SlogansVoting SlogansVoting SlogansVoting Slogans
5. Ask them to prepare an inspiring speech, with political jargon, in a typical politician style.
6. Ask the guests to vote the most inspiring/entertaining/friendly/talented/ member in the gathering.
7. Ask the participants to enact famous political figures, the style and mannerisms (just like Dumb Sharads)
8. Ask them to prepare a street skit which brings awareness about the right of voting and and role of voting for clean politics.
9. Ask each team to list out the max. number of political parties, national and regional.
10. Ask the movie names based on in and around politics (right now I can think of Nayak, Rajneeti, Sarkar, Satta, Hu tu tu, Aandhi, Gulaal, Aarakshan,....)

11. You can arrange for a debate, a team member from each Party will come and speak on the matter. (You can select the current ones like corruption or funnier ones)
12. Play a small audio clip of speech by any veteran leader. Ask the team to identify the voice.
13. Lastly you can ask each member to anonymously write the name of political party they are going to vote in the current elections, you can count them at the end, you will know the mood of your guests!

Yes do not forget to leave an ink mark on the fingers of your guests as they leave!

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