Party Games for Kids

How can we forget kids in any parties. I am sure everybody will agree with me that, kids become highly excited and energetic and become uncontrollable in parties. Controlling them becomes a herculean task for the parents as well as the organizers of the party. 

Best way to tame them is to keep them engaged somehow. What more better way than engaging them in some kind of interesting games? They will listen to you obediently and enjoy their time too.

Here are some interesting games for the kiddos in the party. Divide the kids into two groups if age groups differ a lot.

1. Musical Chair : It is one of the most successful and a favorite game for the kids. Place rows of chairs back to back or in a circle.Place one chair less than the number of kids. Keep removing one chair every time a player is out. 
2. Musical Statues : Another fun game. Play some music and ask them to dance. When the music stops they should freeze. It will be real fun to see their poses in statue mode.
3Pass the Parcel : Make them site in a circle. Hand over a ball or a parcel. They should keep passing it to the next kid till the music stops. The kid with the ball in hand when the music stops is out.
4. Balloon Pop : Kids who can blow maximum number of balloons in a limited time is the winner
5. Letter to Word : One of children's favorite. Form a circle. Give a letter to the first kid and ask him to form  a word from it. (Ex: B - BALL, L - LONG, G - GYM, M - MOTHER..........) The next kid has to form a word from the last letter of the word and it continues. 
6. Shadow Bluff : It needs a little preparation. If anybody is an expert in creating shadow creatures using hand, he can keep the children busy showing his talent and kids enjoy guessing the creature. You can later teach some of them too.
7. Dart game : Supervise carefully. Tell the kids to stand in long line. Give them one chance per turn(kids won't mind;rather they will be eager to join back the line at the end). You will be amazed to see their concentration and target hitting
8. Hit the Target : A variation of the above game. A ball is used here. Keep some attractive target at a distance and let them hit the target.

Have you tried these games with kids? Would you like to add any more games to the list?
Coming Soon : Birthday Party Games.

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