Who is Kate Middleton?

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, a commoner, the fiancée of Prince William, is all set to become a part of the Royal Family, thereby a future queen some day.

The most awaited, high profile extravaganza is scheduled for April 29, 2011. It is regarded as one important royal weddings since Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981.

Kate Middleton, as she is famously called, has become the latest fashion icon. She's been admired for her fashion sense in the fashion world. Speculations are already at the peaks about her wedding attire. Wedding gown seem to have grabbed the hyped attention which will represent not only her personality, her style but what kind a queen she may become one day!

The moment Prince Williams put his mother's sapphire and diamond ring on Kate's finger, has instigated comparison between his wife-to-be and the late princess

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