Recycled Art - Gift Jars

Here I am with one more recycling idea. Empty jars being used for making a beautiful decorative piece or a perfect gift item. You can use jars or bottles of any size and shape for this purpose. I have used empty honey bottles

First, empty the jar, clean it and dry it, remove any stickers on it before using it for any purpose

You can fill any material of your choice. May be layers of different colored rice or sand, dry flowers, small cute dolls. You can even convert these jars into interesting votive for candles

I have used crystal jelly balls. I picked up these lovely pastel jelly balls for a very low price. Cover the jar with a gift wrapper (you can use the old ones also). Tie a beautiful bow with a ribbon. Now your jars are all set to be gifted which are ready at such minimum expense

Aren't they cute?
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Nirmalatm said...

Good Idea..

nanditha tm said...

Wow! what an idea! well presented.

niveditha said...

Thanks Nirmala and Nandu. Hey Nandu do you remember when we bought this;)

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